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5 common questions from beginners about learning to play the guitar

Article Written By Jennifer Barlow

Are you trying to learn to play the guitar?


Do you have some buzzing questions in your mind?


We’ve got some common questions that we hear a lot from beginners. They may be unsure what to expect when it comes to learning the guitar. Many have never played any instruments before. Even if you have played other instruments, guitar is pretty unique, largely to because of its huge popularity.


If you have friends who play guitar, they may give you different answers to below. That’s may be because they have different perspective on learning guitar, or they have been playing for so long. They have forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner again.


Because of our experience with lots of beginner guitar players. I hope the answers below will help you feel more confidence towards learning the guitar.


I am too old to learn the guitar, right?

You are never too old to learn to play the guitar! As long as you have plenty of enthusiasm, and a willingness to listen and learn. Then you will definitely progress. If you are older, your progress may not be as fast as a spring chicken. But the most important thing is passion for the instrument.

Why do my fingers hurt so much?

If you haven’t done much manual work previously, your fingers may be very soft. The other factor is what guitar and strings you are using. An acoustic guitar with really thick strings will be a little sore in the beginning.


Keep persisting and you will build the callouses you need to enjoy playing without it hurting.


Should I be learning on an acoustic guitar first?

A lot of people think acoustic guitar is easier, but it’s actually tougher to start on an acoustic! It has caused many people to give up if they don’t know how to overcome the challenges that comes with an acoustic guitar. That’s because electric guitars have thinner strings and it’s easier to press down. The body is also smaller and easier to lean over and see where your fingers are too.


If you want to find out more on why an electric guitar is easier, visit our page: Acoustic guitar vs electric guitar. What’s easier?


I’m left handed, is that okay?

Of course! There are plenty of left handed guitars. Be careful, you can’t just string a right handed guitar left handed and expect to work perfectly.


I’ve got small hands; will I still be able to play?

I’m not sure why this comes up so much. But lots of adults say that they struggle to play due to their small hands. And when they come in, it turns out it’s because of their technique.

Unless your hands are smaller than a 6 year old child’s then you can definitely learn to play the guitar just like everyone else. Technique will be important so that you can do the stretches required when playing without injuring yourself.


By Guitar Tuition East London | A London Guitar School based in East Village providing high quality London guitar lessons for electric and acoustic guitar players. Designed to help them grow their confidence and progress fast on the guitar towards what they want to achieve.

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