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8 easy shortcuts in Guitar Pro 7 to make your process of writing tablature more efficient (Part 2)

Article Written By Michael Korte
Disclaimer: The actual keys, that you might need for using these shortcuts might differ from country to country.

Note, this is a second part to a series and begins with the 3rd shortcut.

3. Legato

If you want to use Legato in your composition, you need to simply press the [L]-Key. And there is another hidden opportunity to use the arrow-keys to make this more efficient in case you have a longer legato run.

Simply press the [L] key, navigate to the next note with the arrow keys and hit [L] again. And if you want to have more than one note that are ringing for a longer time, you can use the shortcut SHIFT+L, which looks like this:


Shift L.jpg
4. Vibrato

You want to add vibrato to a note? NO PROBLEM! Simply select the note, that you want to let the program apply vibrato to and hit the [V]-key. This function lets your note ring with a narrow vibrato. If you are up to something wider, use CTRL+ALT+V.

5. Bendings

For bendings, simply select the target note and press the [B]-key. That opens a new window, in which you can manipulate what kind of bending you want to have and you have many options to get to exactly the sound that you have in mind.

6. Dotted notes

This one is straight forward again. Select your desired note either with a mouse click or with the arrow keys and hit the [.]-key. For a double-dot note press the shortcut CTRL+[.].

7. Changing the note value of a note

This is one of my favourites, because I found, this one saves the most of my time, considering how often I need this function compared to the other functions.

Let us say you want to change a quarter note into an eighth note, then you hit the [+]-key. If you want to change the quarter note into a half note, you hit the [-]-key. To not confuse those two, I try to remember, that if for example I change from quarter to eighth notes, that INCREASES THE SPEED at which the notes are played. That is why I need to press [+].

Summed up, every time you press [+] you cut the note value in half and everytime you hit [-] you double the note value.

8. Creating triplets

This works for single notes, but also for a marked group of notes:
If you want to toggle triplets out of one or more notes, you need to press the [/]-key.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you can use this to make your song writing process flowing more easily.

About the Author:

Michael Korte is a professional guitarist and composer in Finland and also teaches guitar at his Kitaratunnit Tampere. Highly recommended if you are interested in learning how to compose or if you just want to learn the essential skills to be able to join a band.

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