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To Albany's Best Contemporary Guitar Lessons

Select The Option That Best Suits The Lessons You Are Looking For;

Are You Looking For Extremely Fun Kids Guitar Lessons That Keep Children Engaged, Boosts Confidence And Transforms Spare Time Into A Skill They Enjoy?

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  • Do you want a teacher in Albany that can keep your child interested and enjoying the experience of learning guitar long enough to see them succeed?

  • Do you want to give your child the opportunity to learn guitar so that they don't miss out on growing up with music in their lives?

  • Looking for a teacher trained to work with children,  in a safe environment to properly guide your child to play guitar?

  •  Need help to avoid the fights and frustration of trying to teach your child on your own?

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Learning Guitar Is Supposed To Be Fun

Avoid The Frustration Parents Experience When Doing It On Their Own At Home

Many parents want their kids to beam with joy and be proud to share what they have learnt on guitar.

However, there are many forgiveable mistakes that are easily made as a parent that might drive you to pull out your hair instead of your video camera while your child is trying to learn guitar.

Whether your child is struggling to follow a YouTube video on their own without any personal instruction and guiding \ when things go wrong (e.g. receiving feedback or keeping the child engaged) or whether you as a parent are trying to stay "one class ahead" by learning yourself and passing it on to your child.

This rarely works out for long as things very easily get lost in translation between what makes sense and works for you versus what makes sense and works for a child.. And it is not your fault if you are in the same boat.

With a sea of information and free resources online, I can't blame anyone for giving it a go but from talking many parents who have given teaching their children guitar a shot, it is not the most fun or effective way for kids to learn. 

And some guitar teachers who give their first attempts at teaching kids after teaching adults for so long experience kids getting bored, getting overwhelmed or confused by the lessons or simply getting distracted from what they are supposed to be doing.

This is because someone who is used to teaching and talking in a way that is designed for adult learners  have a completely different skillset than those needed from a guitar teacher for kids

If not done right, learning the wrong way can lead to the child losing interest in guitar or even feeling like a failure as the learning process becomes hard work for the child instead of a fun activity where they feel like they are winning as they grow,


Worse still, in some cases parents and the kids trying to learn write it off as simply being "not my thing" before moving on to the next hobby with the scars of a bad guitar learning experience preventing them from ever trying again when they are adults.

A Guitar Teacher For Kids In Albany That Can Bring Out
The Best In Your Child While They Are Entertained And Loving It

My name is Daniel Bainbridge, I have helped over a hundred parents to make learning guitar something their kids really look forward to every week when they learn with me.

Here is a really cheesy selfie and a group pic I took with one of my Join A Band Classes.

Kids Guitar Lessons Albany - Band Program.jpg

How I Can Help Make Learning Guitar The Absolute Best Experience 
For You, Your Child And Your Family

Edwin Pol & Daniel Bainbridge Photo.jpg
Declan Morris White Belt Achievement Photo.jpg

Prioritising Fun, Nurturing Self-Confidence

I will always take the time to get to know you and your child, especially what they enjoy.


Where possible, I include tailored material or connect the dots between what the student is learning and how it will help pave the way to play the way they wish they could.

An Environment That Is Safe, Positive And Inspiring

Guitar Lessons Albany is my full time business with a. professional, public studio that is trusted by parents locally.


I have a working with children's card, police clearance and offer options for group lessons with parents in attendance so you don't need to think for one second about gambling with stay at home hobby teachers or inviting strangers into your home.

Providing Additional Music And Learning Opportunities

Guitar Ninjas Program With Belt Colours.png

Guitar Ninjas is a curriculum for learning guitar that turns learning into a skill building game so kids actually want to play guitar more and are focused for longer.

Kids complete challenges, earn points, level up and are rewarded with coloured guitar straps (like karate belts) as they hit milestones.

As an added bonus to being exciting for kids, you can see at a glance what the student has achieved in class as the progress is tracked as they go within the books.

To provide more support for students and parents at home, Guitar Lessons Albany provides access to a library of demonstrations and lessons online so you can make progress at home in between lessons.

Maybe your child doesn't quite remember exactly which fingers were used for the song in the last class? No problem, just login, see and hear the song on your PC or mobile device so they don't feel overwhelmed or lost when playing at home.

The guitar dojo is a great tool that avoids the issue some teachers have of kids losing lesson handouts so your child can learn with confidence.

Band Programs and Student Events

Anton Shuttleworth and Daniel Bainbridge Student Jam Night Photo.jpg

Band programs are available for ages 9+ where they can learn to play songs in a group with other kids who play drums, bass guitar and more.

I host optional to attend student events that a lot of people love and get students excited about playing guitar.

Most students, especially kids, think about learning guitar because they have been inspired by someone or something such as;

  • A friend or family, that they look up to that plays guitar

  • A performance in real life or online that has excited them

  • A TV show, game or movie where a character plays

  • Heard music that featured guitar in it

These events are an opportunity to spectate or participate in performing, playing with others and relighting the love of guitar regularly.

What Our Students And Parents Are Saying About Learning At Guitar Lessons Albany;

Parent Testmonials

"I keep Josh in the guitar program because It's something he enjoys where I don't have to pressure him to come.

He comes excited every time and when I pick him up, he's beaming, he's  so happy and can't wait to tell us what he has been learning."

Mother Kristy Bailey With Student Josh Jones (Started Age 9)

""She (Emily) has come a long way since she started. I can hear her strumming when she is down in her room and it is lovely to listen to her.

For her dad, it is such a joy as he always wanted to learn to play guitar so hopefully now she can teach him."

Tracey O'Brien Talking About Daughter Emily (Age 12)

Don't Own A Guitar Yet? Do This...

If you are thinking about guitar lessons, whether you own a guitar yet or not, I can help by providing a free introductory session where I have guitars that your child can use on the day to have fun and play.

If you don't yet own a guitar this is a great way to not only size up what would be the right fit for your child but also you can see whether your child will enjoy it before committing financially to buying a guitar.

Get Your Child To Begin Playing Guitar The Fun Way, Click The Button Below For A Free Introductory Session

  • Q: What ages do you teach?
    A: I teach children from age 6 up, including adults and senior adults. If you are looking for adult guitar lessons in Albany you should visit the adult guitar lessons page.
  • Q: Do I need to own a guitar before I begin classes?
    A: I can provide a guitar for the free introductory guitar session where I am also happy to help size your child to see what guitar might be best fit. If you do decide to start your child in guitar lessons you will need to buy a guitar either new or secondhand so that your child can continue their learning journey at home.
  • Q: I live in Denmark/Out Of Town/Mount Barker, do you have classes that run after 5pm
    A: Yes, for most programs ages 9+ but not for 6-8 years old. There are also flexible learning options, I am sure I can find something to suit your schedule.
  • Q: I'd love to learn to play music with my child one day, is there a way I could learn too?
    A: Being able to play music with your child at home is very rewarding and I am happy to help make that a reality. The way that you as an adult and your child learn is very different, however. I highly recommend learning and having your guitar lessons separate in an adult class so that you can move your own progress forward and ultimately play with your child much faster. Get in contact with me and we can discuss your unique family situation and what you would like to be able to do together so that I can understand what solutions might be best for you.
  • Q: Do kids need an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?
    A: Both are acceptable and I have equipment in studio for both sound effects and keeping volume low by using headphones. If you are interested in a band program for your child it is recommended to have an electric guitar as often children in the group will pick songs with electric guitar featured in the song.
  • Q: What styles of music do you teach? 
    A: I specialize in contemporary music which covers many styles that you can expect to hear on the radio or on YouTube such as blues, acoustic, pop, heavy metal, country, rock, folk. Please Note: I DO NOT teach classical styles, however I am happy to help recommend another local expert that would be better suited to teach your child for classical music.
  • Q: I am left handed, can your lessons help me play guitar?
    A: Absolutely, I have helped many left handed guitar players.
  • Q: My child is nervous about learning guitar with a guitar teacher and they are not sure if they would be good at it.
    A: There is only one way to find out. Playing guitar is a learnt skill, nobody is born able to play guitar. Book a free introductory session and I will make sure you and your child are as comfortable as possible and we can have some fun learning music.

Here is how you receive greater improvement every day when you learn with me

I have dedicated myself to providing the best quality lessons for students, ongoing and forever. 


A music degree has an end but the training that I take  is specifically for teaching guitar and music skills relevant to guitar teaching and the training never stops.

The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Seal shown below is exclusively for members of a peer reviewed training group, with over 100 guitar teachers worldwide.

In 2022 I moved to the Guitar Ninjas Program Training, which is teacher training with the main aim of specifically helping kids achieve while having more fun in class.

I continue to train and communicate with many teachers over Zoom calls every week to improve the student experience.

This is how you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money guitar lessons.

Guitar Ninjas Program With Belt Colours.png

The training I have that helps you succeed​;

  • Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Member From 2013-2022

  • Starting and ending 2016, employed as a guitar teacher at Forte School of Music, Canning Vale (continued to build my own businesses, Bainbridge Music Perth, Guitar Lessons Thornlie and Guitar Lessons Kelmscott)

  • Guitar Teachers Super Summit International 2018 Training Course held In Illinois, USA

  • Become The Expert - Guitar Teaching Mastery Bootcamp 2020, online due to Covid travel restrictions.

  • Total Guitar Mastery Training Event 2021 , online due to Covid travel restrictions.

  • Guitar Teachers Super Summit International 2022 Training Course held in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

  • Guitar Ninjas Curriculum Licensee from November 2022 - Present

  • Guitar Ninjas Teacher Training November 2022 - Present

  • Over a decade of running a guitar teaching business. The experience of teaching over 300 people.

You will have somebody to cheer your child on, gently correct any self doubt, self criticism or feeling inadequate by being encouraging . They get the right solutions to have them building on small victories in their guitar playing that lead to confidence building and long term success.

Watch As Your Child Builds Confidence In Their Guitar Playing With Help From A Teacher

If your child wants to learn and has a willingness to follow instruction to have fun, hiring a guitar teacher is the best way for you to learn. 

Let me help you with your child's development by offering you a free introductory guitar session where you can see first hand why many parents love Guitar Lessons Albany.

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