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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Music Lessons

Article Written By Matti Carter

What is the difference between taking music lessons and teaching yourself how to play? Why is taking music lessons a more effective way to learn than teaching yourself? What are all the benefits one can get by taking music lessons?


These are some of the questions you may consider while searching for music lessons. Taking music lessons, especially with a great music teacher, is often a far better choice than learning on your own. I want to show you seven reasons of why this is the case:


1.  Learning A New Instrument On Your Own Takes More Time And Effort


First of all, finding out new concepts on your own will take lots of time and effort, and learning to master those concepts without a teacher is not a good idea. A great teacher will know what concepts you will need to be studying in order to get the best possible results. Furthermore, a great teacher will be able to train your musical skills in the right ways from the beginning, so that you will not have to correct your technique in the future.


2.  Learning Through Trial And Error Is Not The Best Way To Approach Improvement On Your Instrument


Even though teaching yourself is theoretically possible, you will often be learning things with a faulty technique or in the wrong order. A self taught person will not have someone to give feedback on their playing, or direct them back to the right path if they get distracted. When a student gets taught and mentored by a teacher, not only do they improve by practicing at lessons, but also receive valuable information on how to practice their instrument effectively on their own.


3.  Music Lessons Help You Socialize


Whether you are taking private lessons or group lessons, music lessons are always a good way to socialize and create new relationships. Making friends with other musicians and students is a great way to get more excited about learning your instrument. In addtion to making friends, with the help of music lessons you can get new contacts and performing opportunities that would be harder to get on your own. Great teachers will often know a lot of people in the music business, and therefore are able to create opportunities for their students.


4.  Music Lessons Improve Your Performance Skills


With the help of music lessons you have a chance to perform songs to your teacher or other group members on a regular basis. A teacher can give you tips on performance and grow your confidence to a higher level. Music schools will often arrange special performance events for their students, where they can improve their performance skills.


5.  Taking Music Lessons Improves Your Planning Skills


Planning your practice schedule is very important in order to improve your musical skills quickly. In order to keep growing every single week while taking music lessons, you must practice and do your music homework for each lesson. If you want to have time to practice for every single lesson, you must know how to plan your practice time well, so that you can get the absolute most benefit out of short periods of practice. A great teacher will help you in planning your practice schedule, so that you get the best results in a short period of time.




6.  Taking Music Lessons Improves Self Discipline, Perseverance And Patience


Learning how to play an instrument well can take a long time, and therefore will require a lot of patience from the student. A great teacher can keep their students consistently motivated and excited about lessons, so that taking lessons and learning is fun and exciting. Practising consistently over a long period of time will improve self discipline and perseverance.


7.  Taking Music Lessons Has A Positive Effect On Your Mind And Mood, And It Strengthens Your Self Confidence


Music lessons help students feel relaxed and concentrate better. They help the student focus more on what they are doing. Lessons have a positive effect on the students mood, which generally becomes better after each lesson. A very supportive and empowering teacher can also help boost the students self confidence to a new level. Getting great results in playing and performing are factors which increase self confidence.


© Matti Carter


About the author: Matti Carter is a professional musician and piano teacher from Tampere, Finland. If you are interested in taking piano lessons, or just learning more about the piano, be sure to contact him. What could be more exciting than learning to become a great pianist?

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