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Do You Wish You Knew What You Should Practice On Guitar To Sound Great And Improve Quickly?

Adult Guitar Lessons
  • Do you feel stuck at your current level of playing guitar and struggle to know what you should be doing to become the guitar player you dream of?

  • Or are you new to guitar and want to kick off your playing with the very best methods proven to ensure you gain and improve your guitar playing skills really fast? 

orange guitar.jpg
  • Have you been playing guitar for a while and are sick of not knowing what to do to break out of playing the same things over and over again?

Many people want to be a better player and I understand how frustrating it can be to want so badly to see improvement come faster than what it is. I have dealt with the confusion of not knowing what to practice and I have survived through the dark days where things seem to go backwards rather than forwards.

If you are struggling to do what you want on guitar, I totally get it and according to all the guitar players I know and students I teach, this makes you completely normal.


I have helped many people to achieve big results and get breakthroughs in the areas of their guitar playing they needed most. You can get big results just as easily,

How you learn will determine the way you feel every time you pick up the guitar...
you deserve to feel awesome 

I have listened and learnt a lot from my students about the things they felt were holding them back and frustrations they used to have before they met with me. Through these collected stories, my own experiences and years of observing students playing habits as they have walked through the door, I have found that there are many different ways of learning that can actually trap you into making very little or no progress at all.
Things such as;

  • Books and videos that can't tell you how to fix your technique or why you don't sound like the recording.

  • Rhythmic mobile apps and video games that miss the point of playing music on guitar and have you churning hours of playing the same songs on repeat just for the sake of a high score and gaining levels.

  • Learning from great guitar players instead of great guitar teachers, these are the friends and family who have the best of intentions but can't seem to understand or communicate why you are struggling or can't get you past what you are stuck on. 

  • Cheap and/or lazy teachers who don't listen to what you need, never show you how to play the music you love or simply don't know how to get you to the level you want to be.

Electric Comparison good and bad learnin

Nursing Student, Sonny Po

"I have had some really major breakthroughs.. I can express myself more creatively on guitar now. It allows me to enjoy what I play and when I hear it, it sounds good. Practicing the way Daniel has taught me has seen my skills increase rapidly."

Pilot, Isaac Lake

"Before I started with Daniel I couldn't play a song and now I can play multiple. Compared to 4 months ago, before I started with Daniel, just worlds apart. I was playing along to youtube without getting any progress, in these 4 months, now I have a few songs under my belt.  Now when I jump on youtube I am picking up songs quicker and easier, it's made a huge difference."

Discover how you can make rapid progress and breakthroughs with less effort than you might think

If you have struggled to play guitar because you have tried to learn using the above methods, it is not your fault! There is a seemingly endless ocean of information about music and how to learn guitar. You are not to blame if you have gotten lost while trying to do the best with what you have gathered so far.


Instead of remaining lost and spending many years of experimenting, there is a solution that will get you feeling great about your playing and learning the right things to practice in the right order: finding the RIGHT guitar teacher.


The right guitar teacher is someone who has either "walked the path" of becoming the guitar player you want to be or more importantly, has proven to help others walk the path even quicker by using their experience to shave years off of the learning process by teaching the mistakes and inefficient practice methods to avoid.


Imagine how you would feel if you could transform your guitar playing so that you could play effortlessly the way you have always wanted to. Now you can easily play your favorite music. Imagine what it would be like to hear nail every note that you play, it is clear, in time and when you hear it, it sounds so great people want you to keep playing.

This is what I help people with every day and it is achievable for you, when you have the right instruction and training. This is the crucial difference between "a" guitar teacher and "the" guitar teacher for you.

My name is Daniel Bainbridge and I am the leading guitar teacher in the Albany and great southern region of Western Australia. 

rapid progress electric guitar.jpg

My methods of teaching are not a one size fits all solution but for the students that I do work with, I am the most dedicated and committed guitar teacher for getting students results, inspiring them and motivating them to reach new heights in their playing. 

Here is what you get when you learn with me;

  • A customized strategy for helping you to develop all the skills you need to play the way you want to.

  • Innovative guitar teaching programs that will save you years of practice so that you can enjoy playing the music you love lightning fast.

  • Fun practice strategies that feel more like a game and not like a chore so that you build massive progress momentum as you enjoy playing more and more.

  • Learn about the multiple paths to musical achievement and find out what learning style suits you so that you are set on fire with motivation as you take the first steps on your path of choice.

  • Solutions to the biggest obstacles you are struggling with so that you can feel reassured that you can and will make big improvements to your playing.

  • Feel encouraged, inspired and motivated on your guitar playing journey so that you become addicted to the new heights of all your musical achievements.

  • Learn how to apply all the new skills you are taught so that they can be easily transferred and reduce the time it takes to be able to play new songs, improvising or creating music of your own.

  • Learn the most important thing you can do to ensure that you get big results at home when you practice.

  • Discover the best methods to combine all your skills and avoid getting stuck or hesitating when trying to piece together two or more different elements of your guitar playing.

  • Have massive amounts of fun!

Over the many years of playing guitar I have personally trained with 7 guitar teachers, so I can safely say that not all guitar teachers are built the same! In fact, when I found the teacher that was right for me it was immediately apparent as my ability to play guitar shot through the roof and I was able to reach milestones I never thought that I could. 

Knowing who can get you the results you are after is important, any teacher who cannot do this for you is a waste of investment in your time, money and focus. When you do find the right teacher you will get the rapid progress and breakthroughs you have been wanting. So how do you know how to find the right teacher who will get you the best results? 


Here are a few things to look out for;

Q: What styles of music do you teach? 
A: I specialize in contemporary music which includes blues, acoustic, pop, heavy metal, country, rock, folk. 

Please Note: I DO NOT teach jazz or classical styles.

Q: What ages do you teach?

A: I teach children from age 6 up, adults and senior adults 

Q: Aren't I too old to learn?

A: I have helped seniors who have started learning guitar for the first time past the age of 70. If you are a senior and have wanted to play guitar, you have waited long enough, don't put it off any longer, start experiencing the joy of playing music as soon as possible.

Q: Do you teach acoustic or electric guitar?

A: Both and you can use a nylon string guitar as well if you like : )

Q: Do you teach any other instruments?

A: No, unlike other teachers and music shops that may teach a variety of  instruments at a basic level I specialize in guitar so that I can take you from whatever experience level you are now (beginners welcome) to an advanced level. Note: I do have some programs that would be suitable for experienced instrumentalists who are interested in improving their songwriting skills or developing aural skills (ear training) but all physical technique instruction is only for guitar.

Q: I am left handed, can your lessons help me play guitar?

A: Fear not southpaw, I have helped left handed guitar players and in some ways it is easier! When I demonstrate technique on guitar, it is like looking in a mirror. 

Q: I work a lot do you teach outside the 9-5?

A: Yes, there are also flexible learning options, I am sure I can find something to suit your schedule.

Q: I am nervous about learning guitar with a guitar teacher and I am not sure if I am/would be any good at it.

A: There is only one way to find out. Playing guitar is a learnt skill, nobody is born able to play guitar.

If you have the desire to learn and a willingness to follow instruction, hiring a guitar teacher is the best way for you to learn if you are nervous.

You will have somebody to cheer you on, gently correct any self criticism, perfectionism or over thinking and you will have the right solutions to get you through your guitar playing barriers quickly. 

Here is what the students say...

Construction supplies worker and father, Jeremy Keefe

"The tips and tricks that Daniel can help pass on, the nuances in songs, now I realize it is not as hard as what you think. Now I’ve learnt some of those skills, I can take songs on that I thought I could never take on before. It gives me the confidence to know it (playing guitar) is very achievable.”

Mother and business owner Tracy talks about her daughter Emily (at age 12)

"Daniel is really confident in what he does and I believe he knows what he is doing. He has encouraged Emily a lot, she is really enjoying it and she has come a long way. Absolutely brilliant to hear her progressing and she is a lot more confident now. I can hear her strumming in her room and it is lovely to listen to her."

Here is how you receive greater improvement every day when you learn with me

I have dedicated myself to providing the best quality lessons for students, ongoing and forever. I invest a lot of money and time in the most expensive and the most thorough guitar teacher training on the planet that is specifically made for providing the best innovate programs and best teaching practices for my students, so that you get the highest quality guitar lessons in WA.


A music degree has an end but the training that I take is specifically for teaching guitar and music skills relevant to guitar players and the training never stops. 

The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Seal shown below is exclusively for members of a peer reviewed training group, with over 100 guitar teachers worldwide. This is how you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money guitar lessons.

The training I have that helps you succeed

  • Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Member From 2013-2022

  • Rapid Results Training Certified

  • Perfect Practice Training Certified

  • Geometric Guitar Teaching Method Training Certified

  • Guitar Teachers Super Summit International 2018 Training Course held In Illinois, USA

  • Become The Expert - Guitar Teaching Mastery Bootcamp 2020 

  • Guitar Teachers Super Summit International 2022 Training Course held in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

Getting help with your guitar playing is 100% risk free

Unless you and I have spoken about learning guitar before, there is no way I can possibly know that my help is going to be the best solution for you. If there was a chance that I could help you transform your guitar playing and you could reach your dreams to play guitar the way you've always wanted, would you tell me a little about yourself and what you would like to achieve?

That is all it takes to make a difference to your playing right now, if after I hear from you we find out that it is appropriate to do something further, I will offer you to come to a free introductory session where I can see your current playing situation and give you some ideas of what to do to make some immediate improvement. This free introductory session will give us both the 
peace of mind that it is the right decision for you to work with me before we do anything else.

So don't wait any longer to improve your guitar playing and really enjoy what you hear when you play guitar. Click the green button below and tell me the things that you would love to do and I will get back to you as soon as I can to discuss how I can help you play guitar the way you have always wanted to.

P.S. Don't put off until later what you could be doing right away. You can see improvement from day 1 and see progress immediately. The introductory session is free so you have nothing to lose. The form on the next page is very simple and will not sign you up to anything.  Click the green button above to begin.

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